I’m a freelance writer from Visakhapatnam, India.

Squeezed dry by mainstream media for 3 years,
I ran out of creative excuses,
couldn’t stand my own two-bit collusion
in deception and illusion,
and quit last July
to move back to my home on the East coast
and see things for myself.

This blog is an attempt to piece together slices of conflict,
to tell the truth as often and as emphatically as I see it,
and to try and put forth missing voices and arguments
in this development endgame.

Thank you for reading : ).

You can reach me at: thepelicanbriefcase@gmail.com.


One thought on “About”

  1. Nice piece – I like the re-branding of Ramesh as “Inspector Greenback” (will it stick as much as the money?)
    I’m not sure however about the singling out of BHP Billiton, comparing it with POSCO. To my knowlege the comany hasn’t done anything with, or at, its
    earlier bauxite prospect in Orissa for several years. (I will happily stand corrected).

    But Rio Tinto – now that’s a different kettle of British fish (and a distinctly smelly one). Let’s not leave it too late before we respond to its return to the forest and iron ore of Keonjhar.

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